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Understanding Athlete’s feet- Athlete’s feet is a fungal infection on the foot and between the toes. It can present as a rash and cause the skin to peel and to itch. This condition will not go away on its own and can invade the nail plate creating a streaky white or yellow patch or lines on the toenails. It can also cause the toenail to become detached from the nail bed. Once you have contracted the condition, your feet, your nails, your shoes and socks need to be treated or you will continue to re-infect the foot by wearing the contaminated shoe.  Many people suffer from this fungal skin infection and can pass it on to a family members.


The Athlete’s Feet solution by Imperial Feet is formulated to treat and heal athlete’s feet in 4-7 days when used as directed. The formula is rich in vitamin E that nurtures the skin. Aloe vera soothes and serves as an anti-inflammatory. The glycerine keeps the skin soft and the almond oil protects and prevents cell damage.


Once you have contracted the condition you spread the infection to your shoes. If you do not treat your shoes, you will contract the condition again. The Shoe and Sock Spray by Imperial Feet disinfects and stops the fungal growth and odor in the shoe.  It should be used in conjunction with Athlete’s Foot and Nail Mycosis solutions to treat the shoes and socks.

Athlete’s Feet 2.5oz

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  • The nozzle makes it easy to apply the product to the area or areas to be treated. Apply a few drops of the product two times a day, preferably after showering and before you go to bed, gently massage into the affected area and under and between the toes. Wash hands thoroughly after applying to the feet. Athlete’s feet can be spread to other areas of the body. See before and after photos for real results on actual clients.

    Use in combination with the Shoe and Sock Spray.

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