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Understanding fissures or deep cracks in the feet. When a crack develops in the foot, it is easy to get dirt and bacteria trapped in the crack. The body can not heal the crack with dirt or bacteria present. Dirt and bacteria irritate the crack, and the fissure gets deeper and deeper.


The Fissure Cream is a solution for painful and disfiguring fissures. The zinc oxide and essential oils of pines and citrus penetrate the fissure to soothe the pain and eradicate the bacteria to lift the irritating debris out of the crack. The body can begin the healing process once this material is removed from the crack. It is also suitable for the hands.

Fissure Cream 2.5oz

  • Wash the foot and cracks in the shower and apply the fissure cream after drying the feet. Rub the cream into the cracks and put on a pair of socks to sleep with the cream overnight. The cracks or fissures will heal quickly, and you will see visible results after one week of daily use. See before and after photos for real results on actual clients. Fissure Cream has provided impressive results when used as directed.

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