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Understanding Athletes Foot. Once you have contracted the condition you spread the infection to your shoes. If you do not treat your shoes, you will contract the condition again. The Shoe and Sock Spray by Imperial Feet disinfects and stops the fungal growth and odor in the shoe.  It should be used in conjunction with Athlete’s Foot and Nail Mycosis solutions to treat the shoes and socks.

Shoe and Sock Spray 5oz

  • Carefully spray the inside of the shoes once a week (pump six to eight times per shoe). Allow the shoes to dry. You can use your dryer machine to dry shoes that can be safely put in the dryer. The high heat helps to irradicate the fungal growth. If necessary, also treat the socks, after washing, then allow to dry. Use in combination with Nail Mycosis and Athlete’s Feet for best results and to prevent re-contamination. See before and after photos for real results on actual clients.

    Use in combination with the Athlete’s Feet Solution and Nail Mycosis.

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